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I don't like haters...




99.9% of the Sylvia Plath related tattoos on here are not only unoriginal, but poorly done.

so frustrating.

I don’t think that Sylvia Plath tattoos have to be objectively original. Let’s be honest, the scope for originality is not the biggest one, since there is only a…

ALSO: If it’s not your body, who are you to judge? Yah some tattoos are of poorer quality than others but fuck you for being mean about it. Nobody’s perfect and body art is done for your personal self. 

Don’t judge.

Def entitled to my opinion of what I find pleasing.






Tweet 1: I can see a lot of people either avoiding Plan B & ending up pregnant or attempting to take multiple doses & getting sick.

Tweet 2: anyone w a credit card (not everyone, I know) can/should use ella they’ll ship it overnight $45

SIGNAL BOOST. Ella is another form of emergency contraception/the morning-after pill. It’s more effective than Plan B and can be taken up to FIVE DAYS after your mishap, rather than three days. Please spread this around; with all of the anti-choice legislation flying about and how difficult it can be for some people to get Plan B even OTC (like minors, people living in small towns, etc.), this might be the only way a lot of people can get their hands on the morning-after pill.


I’ve also read that Ella is more effective for plus size people.

This is important. Ella works for everyone. Plan B is not effective for people over 176 pounds. Protect yourself


Boosting the shit outta this.

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